Entering Care

Talk to your GP, they can help arrange for a Needs Assessment by a NASC assessor from your local DHB. They will assess the level of care and support you require and explain the care options available to you. You can also contact the NASC team by ringing your local DHB and ask to be put through to the Needs Assessment Service Coordinator.

Fees can be partially or fully subsidised by the government or are paid privately. To apply for
a subsidy, you will need to complete a Residential Care Subsidy Application and send this to
Work and Income NZ (WINZ). Application forms are available from your local NASC office or
WINZ. A financial means test will be undertaken, and you will be notified with the amount of
funding you will receive and how much you need to pay for care (including a contribution
from your superannuation). If you do not meet the criteria for a subsidy you may be able to
receive a Residential Care Loan. Your means test can also be reviewed at any time if you
think you may have become eligible for subsidy.
NOTE: The application for subsidy form needs to be completed as soon as possible as any
subsidy granted can only be back dated for 90 days. Any costs outside the 90-day period will
need to be paid for by the individual.

Our Facility Managers are happy to speak to you and help guide you to find more
information. You can also contact the Work and Income Residential Subsidy Unit on 0800
999 727 or read more on the New Zealand Government and Work and Income websites.
Residential Care Subsidy – Work and Income
Paying for residential care | New Zealand Government (www.govt.nz)

An Enduring Power of Attorney is someone who you appoint to act on your behalf should
you become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for yourself. There are two types of
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA). One is where you appoint a person(s) to look after your
property affairs. The other type is where you appoint someone to make decisions on your
behalf about your welfare. Only one person can be appointed for this.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your own room. You can bring small
furniture items and personal items and decorate your room to make it feel like yours.

Yes, we have a range for rooms available with some that have their own toilet and/or
shower facilities.

Yes, our facilities are set up with Wi-fi services for our residents and their guests to enjoy in
their room or around the facility.

A Registered Nurse is available 24/7.

Carer Relief - Short Term Care (Respite), Daily Carer Relief (Day Stay), POAC Services

Yes, anyone who is caring for a frail family member in their own home, or requires help
following a period of recovery post hospitalisation can receive help with our Short Term
Care, Day Stay or POAC Services.

Yes, contact your Needs Assessor at your local DHB to see if you meet the requirement for
subsidy. If you do not have a Needs Assessor, ask your doctor to make a referral to the local
Needs Assessment Coordinator Service.

You are responsible for transport and any aids such as continence products, special
dressings, or cares. If you have any questions, speak to our Facility Manager.

The service is flexible to fit in with you, the carer. You can negotiate extra meals and
extended time with the Facility Manager. Feel free to have a discussion on what your needs
are and how best our facility can help you.

The beauty of Daily Carer Relief is you don’t need to book in. If something comes up and you
need to use the service, just give the Registered Nurse/Manager a call. However, if you need
overnight care or a few full days, you will need to arrange this in advance to ensure a bed is

On admission each person is assessed by a Registered Nurse to ascertain what assistance or
aid is required to maintain mobility and/or health and ensure the way care can be provided.
You can arrange your holiday in advance with the knowledge that your relative will be well
looked after while you are away.

Yes, medications can be administered by our team but will need to be provided in a
medication blister pack.