Daily Carer Relief


Daily Carer Relief is a provision of six hours of care to your family member while you take the day out. Some families use this option to provide care for their family member while they work, others use the time to pamper themselves, shop, or complete jobs around the home.

Day Relief includes all meals and free access to the facilities offered at the facility. This includes the daily activities and if the physiotherapist is doing group sessions, your family member is welcome to join in!

You will need to provide any medications in a blister pack form, and if using your Carer Support Form, you will need to sign that and drop it off to the Manager.

Day Relief is a financially economical way to use your Carer Support Form, as for one six-hour visit, only a half-day is used from your allocation. For more information, call us to discuss how we can accommodate your needs.

For more information on the types of care we provide, please feel free to

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For more information on the type of care we provide please feel free to

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