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We believe everyone has some potential, our motto is “Whatever it takes!”

Anne Maree Group Rest Homes and Hospitals are a family-owned business that opened in 1996, and now have two facilities in operation. Anne Maree Court, located in Northcote (North Shore, Auckland), and Anne Maree Gardens, located in Avondale (West Auckland).

Our personalised approach to care means that we can support our residents to live fulfilled and meaningful lives, with as little or as much support as they require. By caring for the whole person and their unique personality, likes, and interests, we create better bonds, more stimulating communities, safer environments, and better lives.

A Reliable, Consistent Experience

For over 25 years, Anne Maree Group has remained at the forefront of Auckland’s rest home and hospital care. The best care comes from a genuine interest in our residents. So we get to know all our residents and their families to understand their needs and interests, which shape the personalised care we provide. This includes:

We strive consistently to enhance and better the services that we provide, which would not have been achieved without our staff who share our values of caring, honesty, integrity, commitment and continuous improvement.

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Sheryl Samuel


Sheryl Samuel is the owner and director of Anne Maree Group and is also a registered nurse. Sheryl is assisted by her experienced, very able and kind staff, many of who have worked at Anne Maree Group since its inception.

Anne Maree Group

Angela Lowe

General Manager

Anne Maree Gardens

Resina Rakai

Facility Manager

Anne Maree Court

Siloata Tuato

Facility Manager