Levels of Care

Hospital Level Care

Both of our facilities offer Geriatric Hospital-Level Care. Geriatric Hospital level care is intended for residents who require assistance in all facets of their daily lives, such as feeding, mobility, and toileting. This level of care is also available and recommended to prehab and rehab (pre and post-op) residents/patients. Here at Anne Maree, we have Qualified Registered Nurses, and Experienced Caregivers on-site 24/7 to nurse and assist your loved ones.

Rest Home Level Care

Rest home Level Care is suitable for families who are looking for a long term stay facility for their loved one. This level of care is designed for an elderly person who is independent, but at times, require supervision and assistance with their day to day living. Long term stay incorporates a full activities programme personally devised by our diversional therapist, encouraging social interaction as well as individualised programmes supported by a physiotherapist.

Respite Care

Some families request regular relief, and this is termed as “Respite Care”. Respite Care is provided at your request and can range from an overnight stay to months. Respite Care can be granted by your Needs Assessment team. Residents who are on respite care enjoy the same services offered to our residents depending on their level of care. Families are advised to call in and book prior to admitting their loved one to our Resthome. A requirement for Respite Care is that you provide us with any medications in a blister pack form (which can be arranged with your pharmacy), a medical summary from your doctor outlining the current health status of your loved one, any incontinence products being used, and of course, clothing. Respite care can be provided with Government support. Please contact your Needs Assessment team to assist you.

Young Persons Disability Care

We have recently added another dimension to the level of care we provide. Both our facilities are now in a position to offer the YPD level care, (Young People with Disability). YPD is a level of care for residents under the age of 65, catering to physical disabled, psychological disabled, and terminally ill residents.

Medical Services

Our Rest homes are now in a position to offer medical services to our residents. Medical service is suitable for residents with long-term chronic health issues, e.g. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, etc.

Day Stay Services

Day Stay services is an option available to anyone. It is a provision of 6 hours of care to your loved one, while you take a day off. Day Stay includes all meals and services offered at the facility. Families are advised to provide medication (if any) in a blister pack form (which can be arranged with your pharmacy). Extra hours can be arranged with us on the day.

Crisis Acute/POAC

POAC is a funding stream that allows GPs and nurse practitioners to support patients who might otherwise need hospital admissions. This care is provided in the rest homes here at Arran Court and Anne Maree Gardens.

Specialised Dementia Care

At Anne Maree Gardens, we help people to cope with the various challenges that come with dementia and memory loss. Our carers always work to follow a routine that you’re familiar and comfortable with. We offer as much independence and stimulation as possible, incorporating appropriate environmental aspects such as furniture, signage, and décor to help you or your loved one maintain their independence and dignity.